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Wednesday, Sep 19th

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Gota Abu Galawa

Gota Abu Galawa is in the north of Fanadir Island in the north from Hurghada, around 1 hour far by boat. A relative big reef, on the west side it is cleft. Most of time there is an easy till mediocre current from north. Good visibility in the north. In the south the visibility is not so good.

We dive there from the mooring in the south direct in the front of the three bays to the east. The south part is not interesting. You will see corals just after you reach the north part, near you feel the current .Drift dive is possible from the mooring, is looking like a tripod, on the north end, till the south end and from there back to the boat.

South and east is monotonous. The marine life you can see just after you reach the north-west. In the west end you will find a lot of table corals, schools of unicorn fishes and sweet lips.

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