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Wednesday, Sep 19th

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Egyptian Navy detains trawlers illegally fishing!


Egyptian Navy detains trawlers illegally fishing!



During the past week, Egyptian Navy vessels have detained three Egyptian fishing trawlers illegally fishing in the Red Sea. The vessels were carrying out trawling activities near or at coral reefs as well as at known diving sites.

HEPCA is greatly concerned that fishermen are using this time of unrest and lack of enforcement, in Egypt, to further their gains at the expense of the marine environment and thus the livelihood of local fishermen as well as the tourism industry.

Trawling is banned by law in the Egyptian Red Sea as it has disastrous effects upon coral reefs and the fish population in the Red Sea.

HEPCA is relieved that the Egyptian Navy has stepped up to enforce anti-trawling laws and greatly thanks the Egyptian Navy and all Navy personnel for their commitment and efforts.

HEPCA calls on all policy setters and decision makers in all authorities and institutions to put in place an effective mechanism which would implement the Sharm El Sheikh recommendations of 2009 as well as the tenets of the Hurghada Declaration of 2010. Both agreements regulate fishing activities in the Red Sea and were agreed upon by all the relevant governmental bodies and agencies; the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environmental Affairs as well as the Governorates of the Red Sea, Suez

and South Sinai.

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