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Dolphin safaris in Hurghada Red Sea

Daily Dolphin house diving

Treasure the experience

the lagoon. After either getting diving gear or snorkeling equipment on we join the dolphins and maybe they will swim up to you and twist and turn around you blowing bubbles and chattering away.

Perhaps the dolphins are more shy today and gently we swim together around the lagoon, watching in amazement at how easily they move through the water and interact with each other.

When you (or the dolphins) have had enough you come back to the boat to the smell of fresh cooking and a freshly prepared lunch will be waiting for you, This could be your day out.

At least twice a week we make trips to Dolphin Bay and Dolphin House taking people on a dolphin safari and you can come and join us.

This is what we love doing and we know we do it well which is why people have been coming back year after year and more and more people are coming to join them by word of mouth alone.

We completely respect the dolphins, turtles, fish and all marine life that we see.

We touch nothing and take nothing.

These are wild animals who choose to spend time with us and we must respect their space so when they indicate they want to stop we leave. Simple. This way they know we are safe for them and their young to interact with.

Sadly it is too common to see some boats crowding and chasing pods of dolphins and it is no wonder they will not respond well to this treatment.

Our time is spent at reefs where we know the resident dolphins and regularly interact with them, this time is totally down to the dolphins.

Some days they will not want to play but we can still watch and enjoy their behavior.

On one of our Dolphin Safari Holidays in May 2009 one guest actually was present watching a calf being born.

That is a memory to treasure for ever. This is how trusting the dolphins can be if we behave in the right way with them.

Our day out is for divers, beginners and snorkelers.

It doesn't matter if you have never dived before we will give you the instruction you need and hold your hand whilst you make your first dives into the Red Sea.

It's just as easy to interact with the dolphins from the surface as a snorkeler or free diver.

One of the pods goes crazy when Tessa gets her Mono fin out.

So freedivers are very welcome too.

Many people take the opportunity to learn to dive whilst they are with us. Its very easy and you can gain your first level diving qualification in 3-4 days.

Then you too can see the reef the way thedolphins do.

We cannot guarantee the presence of dolphins. These are wild animals and so unpredictable but we use our knowledge of them and expertise to give you the best chance of seeing dolphins in their natural environment.

This is understandably on most peoples list of things to do.

It is a magical experience with memories and sights that will stay with you forever.

Email us for more information or see the Specials page for dates of the next Dolphin Safari Holiday.

If you are planning your holiday drop us an email and book now to be sure of your place.

If you are already in Hurghada either come to the Dive Centre or call us to book.

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