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Professional Diving Courses

  • The Dive Master Course

The Divemaster course can be completed in as little as 14 days. We recommend taking two to three weeks to complete this first professional level in diver training and gain as much experience as possible.
The course not only develops the candidate's diving knowledge to instructor level through independent study and classroom discussions, but also addresses attitudes, judgement, customer service, business and operational challenges. Watermanship and stamina are evaluated together with diving skills, which will be developed to demonstration quality. Candidates will complete a rescue evaluation and underwater mapping exercise as well as demonstrating their skills in dive planning and leadership. They will also function as an instructional assistant, both in confined and open water. Completion of this course qualifies the candidate to attend either a PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course or a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) which eventually leads to the certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Candidates will take part in a Search and Recovery and Deep Diving Scenario.
Once signed off as a Divemaster by the instructor, the candidate can continue their education and become a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Leader. Apart from that, candidates who are interested in teaching CPR and first aid can qualify as an Emergency First Response Instructor course and teach how to assist injured and ill adults and children, as long as they have current training in CPR and first aid for adults and children.
The insured Divemaster may also teach and certify PADI Skin Divers and conduct the PADI Discover Snorkelling program, as well as conduct the Scuba Review program for certified divers. (Full details can be found in the General Standards and Procedures section of the PADI Instructor Manual/CD-ROM). Discover Scuba programs can only be conducted by DSD Leaders. Certified and active Divemasters can also take the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor Training course and help student divers develop the knowledge, skills and practical techniques necessary to obtain excellent photographs with a digital camera by conducting this Specialty course or acting as 'photo pro' during Open Water Diver courses or Discover Digital Underwater Photography experiences.

Internship Program

The Divemaster course is also available with a free-of-charge Internship option where candidates have the opportunity of working first-hand with students in different diving courses and on the dive boats along-side our experienced professional instructors and dive guides in a busy Red Sea resort location catering for many different dive environments. You will also have the opportunity to learn the day-to-day running of a busy, top-class, resort dive centre in the Red Sea. The internship will enable you to gain practical experience in guiding and assisting in teaching, learn different methods from our instructors and get to know the dive sites, all of which will make it easier for you to find work in the diving industry. The cost of the Divemaster course is the same as without the Internship option.

  • PADI Instructor Development Course

PADI IDC Preparation

Everyone likes to be prepared for their PADI Instructor Development Course and you can start your groundwork before you even leave home. As soon as you have signed up for your course , you have expert knowledge literally at your fingertips, as your PADI Course Director.
You will be encouraged to test your knowledge of Dive Theory (physics, physiology, equipment, skills and the environment, RDP and PADI Standards) and be invited to email your exam answers to Steve. His feedback and advice will ensure your PADI IDC preparation is right on track.
If, like many other people, you would like more intensive preparation, you can buy an extra 2 days. Whether it is theory or skills that you feel you need help with, you will have expert advice all the way along. You will learn tips and tricks to help you pass your exams and advice on how to improve your skill demonstrations.
100% pass rate - Our PADI IDC Prep Courses are highly popular and 100% of people who have taken the extra 2 day prep course have passed their PADI Instructor Exam first time!
FREE Internship with Aquastars, Sunny Days El Palacio, Hurghada

As a newly qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in the Red Sea, you can take advantage of Aqua Stars FREE Internship offer and gain valuable work experience with one of the busiest dive centres in Egypt. You will start by team teaching with our professional PADI Instructors and learn about logistics and how to make best use of the local environment and Emperor Divers' extensive facilities. As your experience and comfort zone expands you will be able to take on more varied teaching activities.

PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC)

Relax and spread out in our air-conditioned classrooms as you soak up the knowledge you need to become a confident and effective PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
The heated swimming pool we use for your confined water training has unlimited availability and is literally right outside the classroom door so there is no rushing to meet pool slots and no need to lug your dive gear around.
Keep cool from the Red Sea sun beneath the palm trees as we de-camp to Shark's Bay for your first open water training. Emperor Divers Sharm has permanent facilities and helpful, dedicated staff on the beach at Shark's Bay to take care of you and your equipment so the only worry you have is what factor sunscreen to apply.

PADI Instructor's Exam

At the end of your PADI IDC in Sharm you will be prepared to pass your PADI Instructor's Exam (PADI IE). For those who want extra peace of mind, we will run a mock exam so there will be no surprises on the big day. The support you enjoy during your PADI IDC doesn't end there. We will be around in a supportive role during your 2-day PADI IE and will take care of logistics and ensure that your exam runs smoothly so that you can focus and enjoy the whole experience

  • PADI Specialty Instructor Training

Our PADI Instructor Development Course schedule is planned so that you can incorporate Specialty Instructor Training into your development. Where better than the Red Sea to learn how to teach Specialties? This training will increase your confidence and extend your teaching range when you qualify at the PADI Instructor's Exam.


  • Emergency First Response Instructor Training

Now that PADI have made it mandatory for all new PADI Instructors to be Emergency First Response Instructors we have included Training into our PADI IDC schedule. This course teaches the layperson all they need to know about First Aid and CPR and gives them the confidence to care. The added benefit to you, the PADI Scuba Instructor, is that you will be able to teach a PADI Rescue Diver Course from start to finish including the required First Aid and CPR skills.


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